For your body

Recover faster with our start-of-the-art NormaTec Compression equipment + attachments. Relax as compressed air deeply massages your legs, hips or arms to enhance blood flow. This helps to flush out depleted blood cells and move lactic acid, speed up recovery time and encourage lymphatic drainage – great for anyone training regularly, recovering from injury or working on your feet all day.

You are welcome to arrive early to your compression appointment + head upstairs to use our Evolve stretch studio. Here you can enjoy the use of our massage guns, foam rollers + massage balls for additional recovery benefits of recovery equipment, boosting healing power + melting away tension.

For your mind

Life is busy, sometimes stressful. Spending 30 minutes in our compression lounge will not only speed up your physical recovery but help you to unwind, decrease stress and relieve anxiety. We recommend finishing off your compression session with an infrared sauna and/or ice bath.


Compression boots, hip + arm attachments are hollow fabric that cover the feet, lower legs, thighs, hips or arms. They contain multiple chambers, each of these sleeves fills with air, one after the other, to compress + squeeze, one section of the body at a time. This process is called intermittent pneumatic compression. Compression encourages the body to flush out metabolic by products, such as lactate, after exercise. The boots reduce water accumulation, inflammation, and muscle tension by allowing tissue-repairing compounds to rush into the sore or damaged muscles. This advanced system can reduce recovery time, heal injuries faster and improve exercise results.